I am Theda Ideker!

an independent Graphic and Motion design professional based in Berlin.

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About me

When I was young, I wanted to be a graphic designer. After my A-levels, I studied biology. Why? Because a girl should get a ‘real’ job. After my degree, I know that biology is interesting, learn intensive, but not my passion. It was not long until I started to study visual communication alongside my biology studies. In the future, I will listen to the advice of others, follow my heart, and make my own decisions. And here we are – I’m a freelance graphic and motion designer in Berlin.

From a bachelor’s degree in biology to a bachelor’s degree in visual communication. This journey led to greater self-awareness, offered me unimaginable perspectives and new opportunities for creative solutions.

Graphic design is and remains my passion, and the natural sciences remain an exciting field of interest, which provides unexpected solutions for my creative work.


02.19 – now // Freelancer Graphic & Motion Design

04.18 – 11.18 // Pictima GmbH Graphic & Motion Design

04.17 – 04.18 // FOODBOOM GmbH Motion Design & Graphic Artist

03.15 – 09.15 // LOOK//one GmbH Freelancer

09.14 – 02.15 // LOOK//one GmbH Trainee

01.14 – 03.14 // PZH Hannover Freelancer


2016 // Gamescom Design Contest 1.Place / 120

2016 // Autohaus Kahle Design Contest Art Award

2015 // Mut zur Wut international Poster Competition  Top 100 / 2573

2013 // Deutsches Studentenwerk Poster Competition Top 30 / 442


2012-2017 // Bachelor of Arts Communication Design

2009-2013 // Bachelor of Science Biology